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Best Vitamins for Cracking Knees. – Credihealth Blog

Cracking knees and joint pain is sometimes caused by a deficiency of Vitamin D and dehydration. The human body needs water to rejuvenate and lubricate the joints with the help of collagen. You may have felt sudden knee pain while walking or standing. Cracking knees in certain conditions can become normal, like after you wake up from long sleep, you may have cracking bones, or after you stand up from hours long sitting position, you may have cracking joints. You might have heard popping sounds while running, walking, or working out in the gym. But, you don’t need to worry because these things can be treated. Herein, we have enlisted some Vitamins for Cracking Knees that may help you with your bones and joints pain too.

Vitamins for Cracking Knees

  1. Knee crepitus refers to the knee cap cracking, crunching, or popping.
  2. These situations may happen while you bend, stand, walk or do other activities involving the use of your knee joints.
  3. Although occasional cracking may not be alarming for the joints or knees, if there is persistent or regular pain or cracking sound, this is the high time your body calls for help!

There are a few notable symptoms of knee crepitus that may include:

  • knee stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Cracking
  • Popping
  • Pain
  • reduced mobility or soreness

The condition may occur at any age, irrespective of whether you have any bone-related medical condition. However, there are certain specific causes of knee crepitus, and these are:

Air bubbles – 

This condition occurs when the air passes through the soft tissues of the joints. It causes the air bubble to produce in the synovial fluid. This can further produce a popping sound while bending.

Damage to the knee – 

If you have received any trauma or damage to the knees that may have occurred through accident, this may result in swelling and pain.

Torn meniscus – 

It can happen at the stage when the cartilages start wearing or tearing or while playing sports.

Osteoarthritis of the knee – 

The popping sound, pain, swelling, movement or noises of bones, cracking and painful motions, etc., indicate osteoarthritis. This condition can limit the mobility of a person and can make a person undergo wear or tear with the experiences of the breakdown of cartilages.

Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFS) – 

This can result from trauma, injury, overuse, excessive physical work, extra pressure on the joints, and certain sports activities. These consequences can pressure the femur and knee cap, causing the cartilage to thin. The pain developed through this condition often makes any person get worse after they sit for long periods. Performing any vigorous exercise can also lead to such a situation. 

What are the useful vitamins for cracking knees?

Vitamins for Cracking Knees

Several essential vitamins, supplements, and food substances may help you overcome the issues with your cracking knees and joint pain. These important ingredients may help you with your healthy bones and joints. They play important roles in whatever condition you go through like bending, walking, sporting, or sitting for hours. These essential ingredients or vitamins for cracking knees may include:

Vitamin D – 

This particular vitamin helps absorb calcium, an important ingredient for health, strength, and the flexibility of bones. This vitamin also brings anti-inflammatory properties to the body, further reducing joint pain.

Vitamin E

 This vitamin is an oxidant that helps to protect the joint tissues and thereby connect with the free radicals in the body, giving you relaxation from inflammation and other harmful causes of joints or bones.

Vitamin B12

 The deficiency of this vitamin can lead to fatigue, pain, and tingling extremities- all symptoms similar to the conditions of arthritis. With the help of vitamin B12, you can fight pain, reduce the production of inflammatory molecules, and strengthen the bones or joints.


 Collagen is a protein that is present in the connective tissues. This is the key structural protein helping to maintain the elasticity, strength, and health of tissues. A reduction in the level of collagen can bring down the health of tissues covering the bones and thereby reduce the strength of joints like elbow joint, knee joint, etc. a considerable reduction in the amount of collagen in the body can lead to joint pain and osteoarthritis. The use of collagen supplements helps to prevent cartilage breakdown and maintain the repairing system of the body. Therefore, this protein helps to maintain flexibility in the body joints.

Vitamin D3 – 

D3 is one of the essential vitamins for cracking knees. The painting and popping knees often let you change your schedule according to what your knees allow you to perform. This vitamin consists of calcium and vitamin K, essential for bone growth, density, and strength. Cracking knees often lead to weak bone muscles. This vitamin helps to bring strength to the body to fight the symptoms of cracking bones.

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What are the best supplements for cracking knees?

Vitamins for Cracking Knees

You can also take supplements to support joint health. Some people take them to ease joint pain, while others take them to avoid future discomfort. The following are a few vitamins that can help with cracked knees.

Curcumin –

This supplement is rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds. This particular supplement is found in the bright yellow spice called turmeric. This is one of the traditionally used ingredients for soothing aches, internal injuries, stiffness of bones, and damage due to harmful free radicals. It also helps regulate destructive enzymes.

Glucosamine –

It is an amino sugar that occurs naturally in the body and helps to provide cushioning support to the joints so that the bones move freely. Supplements containing glucosamine help to repair, and regenerate the connective tissues, let you move your bones or joints without any pain and help to provide lubricating support to the joint boners.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) –

MSM helps maintain the presence of collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin, and other proteins, which are the important constituents of connective tissues. Supplements containing MSM help to support healthy life by slowing down the breaking of cartilages and protecting the bones against normal wear & tear processes.

Chondroitin Sulfate –

This one is an important constituent for the health of cartilage. This element possesses a strong negative charge that helps to hold water for strong shock-absorbing properties. The presence of water makes it spongy and cushiony available to strengthen the joint bones. It also supports collagen production, helping to grow and repair the bones.

Boswellia Serrata –

It is a gum resin that is derived from the desert tree. The tree produces Boswellia acids, out of which Boswellia serrata is extracted. It helps to maintain the joint bones, and their flexibility helps to prevent aches and improve daily activities. Compounds found in the resin help to improve the immune responses and block the enzymes that lead to the breaking down or weakening of cartilage.

Omega-3 fatty acids –

Apart from the various Vitamins for Cracking Knees, a few supplements like Omega-3 fatty acids are present in the human body’s key structure of the cell wall. It helps maintain healthy joint bones. It is an important ingredient for healthy bones that consists of powerful anti-inflammatory properties and reduces inflammation associated with joint problems.

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The Bottom Line – 

Joint pain is one of the leading medical issues that persist worldwide. It affects at least one-quarter of the world’s population. You may use a few pain relievers like ibuprofen and paracetamol for joint pain. But, if you think taking supplements may help you better, we suggest you talk to your doctor once. This is because some health supplements are blood thinners and react with other medications, producing a harmful effect on the body.


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